Supporting and empowering people to accept and be their true selves.
FM Management team
CEO – Jeanie You
JEANIE YOU works as an expert consultant in the renewable energy industry (from startups to Fortune 100). She is also the President of AFU Productions Digital Media & Design where she’s had the pleasure of workin with companies like Nike, Adidas, Tiffany & Co and Vogue.
In 2005, while working as a VP of a financial institution, she founded SavingGenie – a company focused on consumer financial advocacy, credit repair and personal & corporate tax issues. Through this business she can honestly say that she fought the IRS (on behalf of her clients) & won!
Although Jeanie has found much success in the business sector,
philanthropy has always been her calling. At age 12, unbeknownst to the parents of this “latch-key kid”, she volunteered at a soup kitchen. The
desire for community & paying it forward gushed from that point forward. To date she has helped a total of 64 philanthropic organizations The total accumulated by her fundraising efforts alone = upwards of more than $29 million. The total of hands on volunteer work she's put in (and the humbling experiences that live in her heart to this day) = priceless.
COO – Ronnie Kroell

RONNIE KROELL is the runner-up and fan favorite of Bravo
Network’s hit show, MAKE ME A SUPERMODEL, an actor, and
an activist at heart. He has graced the covers of numerous
magazines, made appearances on RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE /
most recently he completed filming as a health and fitness
coach for a hot new reality-tv show called, SWIMSUIT
Ronnie knows first hand what it feels like to be
bullied and the lasting scars it can leave one to carry-on into
adulthood. Those challenging experiences helped forge his
commitment to supporting others to find healing and
happiness through love, kindness, and friendship. Above all
else, Ronnie is grateful for the support of his growing Friend
Family and to be on a clear path of making his dreams come
true, while inspiring others to do the same!
CFO - Edward “Eddie” Lobo

EDDIE LOBO is an Actor and Comedian. He has performed at THE COMEDY STORE, THE ICE HOUSE and various hot spots in southern
California. He has been seen on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, COMMUNITY, and is the current MAN ON THE STREET for LIFEBITES LIVE and recently Hosted and Produced SWIMSUIT CENTERFOLD.
He is a certified judge with the Miss America Organization and Hosts several local pageants. His philanthropic efforts have extended
to various charities such as the United Way, Children’s Miracle Network and the Miss America Organization.  
Eddie’s goal is to create a new way of viewing bullying and educate society.
Who we are
Friend Movement LLC
Friend Movement is made up of a team of passionate individuals who are dedicated to promoting friendship through the arts and social media.
Friend Movement was created to help show positive anti-bully images through art and media. Images of people of all ages, races, genders, sexualities, abilities, and spiritualities that invoke inspiration & conversation. Friend movement inspires people to prevent bullying by enabling them to be a better friend.